Grafton Net Zero Greenbury
Grafton Net Zero Greenbury
Grafton Net Zero $379,900.00 | Available: Hold | 137 Greenbury CloseShow on map iconShow On Map
Single Family Detached Garage

Grafton Net Zero

$379,900.00 | Available: Hold | 137 Greenbury CloseShow on map iconShow On Map

1501 Sq. Ft. | 3 Bed | 2.5 Bath | Greenbury | Spruce Grove

Dolce Vita Homes is recognized by the CHBA as a Net Zero Qualified Builder.

This Net Zero home is an example of how a synchronized home system can overcome less than ideal lot placement to reduce and offset overall energy use. Unique products, some never used in Alberta before, are making their debut in this home. This home produces 35 GJ/year of renewable energy. Best-in-class products and methods to sealing the building envelope and creating a healthy home with fresh, clean air. Reducing the amount of heat loss and using renewable energy sources such as ambient heat in the environment in addition to solar panels.

• ICF Foundation and R-16 Under slab basement insulation with complete Radon Gas Mitigation system • R-44 Exterior Wall Assembly and sealed building envelope • R-80 Ceiling Insulation and advanced framing technique • Triple Pane Windows with 2 Low e and Multilock Exterior Doors with advanced framing techniques • ASHP HVAC System with very high efficient HRV • LED lighting and Smarthome features • Energy Efficient Appliance • All Electric, Zero gas emission • NET ZERO Labelled Home • High efficient Hybrid electric hot water tank that absorbs ambient heat from the surrounding air • Drain water Heat Recovery System that assists to pre-heat incoming water supply • Low-flow plumbing fixtures •



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