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Whether it’s lying in the cool grass, gazing at the clouds, or watching your children fly on the swings and swoop down the playgrounds, Robinson is a community with a lot to offer. Your new vibrant lifestyle is situated around a central storm water pond and within minutes from the Leduc’s best schools, shopping, and recreation areas. 

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Available Designs


1354 Sq. Ft.

Brittan B

1409 Sq. Ft.

Dante II A

1530 Sq. Ft.


1545 Sq. Ft.

Dante A - Duplex

1572 Sq. Ft.

Matera B

1641 Sq. Ft.


1723 Sq. Ft.

Garneau A

1779 Sq. Ft.

Glenora A

1867 Sq. Ft.


1952 Sq. Ft.

Murano C

2041 Sq. Ft.


2121 Sq. Ft.

Aspen A

2150 Sq. Ft.

Chianti A

2208 Sq. Ft.

Portofino III A

2219 Sq. Ft.

Bridgewater A

2273 Sq. Ft.

Portofino I B

2389 Sq. Ft.

Portofino I A

2403 Sq. Ft.

Siena II A

2429 Sq. Ft.

Brilante A

2438 Sq. Ft.

Tropea A

2546 Sq. Ft.

Portofino II A

2596 Sq. Ft.

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Brittan B

1409 Sq. Ft.

Dante III Duplex - Double Garage

1568 Sq. Ft.

Dante A - Duplex

1723 Sq. Ft.

Dante A - Duplex

1572 Sq. Ft.

Brittan B

1409 Sq. Ft.

Brittan B

1409 Sq. Ft.

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