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Ideal for those who would like to embrace environmental stewardship as a way of life, Greenbury will be Spruce Grove’s first groundbreaking green community.

Steps from home, is the new K-9 Prescott School

The Beaverbrook Wellness Centre is scheduled to open early 2017 which provides child care for children 12 months through to school age.

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Available Designs

Catania F

1354 Sq. Ft.

Veneto F

1400 Sq. Ft.

Broadway D - Manhattan D

1436 Sq. Ft.

Veneto II F

1440 Sq. Ft.


1493 Sq. Ft.


1545 Sq. Ft.

Matera B

1641 Sq. Ft.

Dante F

1720 Sq. Ft.

Dante F

1720 Sq. Ft.

Garneau A

1779 Sq. Ft.

Dover II

1848 Sq. Ft.

Glenora F

1867 Sq. Ft.


1952 Sq. Ft.


2041 Sq. Ft.

Murano C

2041 Sq. Ft.

Windermere D

2071 Sq. Ft.


2121 Sq. Ft.

Allegro C

2196 Sq. Ft.

Chianti D

2208 Sq. Ft.

Portofino III A

2219 Sq. Ft.

Bridgewater A

2273 Sq. Ft.

Bridgewater D

2273 Sq. Ft.

Brilante A

2438 Sq. Ft.

Brilante II D

2473 Sq. Ft.


2546 Sq. Ft.

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Veneto II F

1440 Sq. Ft.

Veneto F

1400 Sq. Ft.

Glenora F

1923 Sq. Ft.


2598 Sq. Ft.

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